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We believe everyone is naturally beautiful and with the help of esthetics we can help that image be at its best. Let us help in your beauty enhancement. We offer a variety of services, such as lip filler, IV therapy, Laser hair removal, and much more.

Med Spa Services

Let Eau De Vie Med Spa help you meet your beauty and health goals.

Laser Hair Removal | Eau De Vie Med Spa

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal  is the process of heating, hair so that it will stop the growing process, and leave the hair follicles in a dormant state. This method of hair removal is more permanent compared to a normal shave with a razor or hair trimmer.

Laser Hair Removal
Photorejuvenation | Eau De Vie Med Spa


Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive skin treatment that helps your skin look less damaged and more youthful. Photorejuvenation creates controlled wounds so the skin may heal itself removing effects of spots, wrinkles, and textures in the skin.

Hormone Therapy | Eau De Vie Med Spa

Hormone Therapy

An unbalance of estrogen or testosterone can lead to fatigue, irritability, loss of focus and many other side effects. This imbalance can be combated by the use of Hormone Therapy. This can be done for both men and women.

Hormone Therapy

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Massages in Canyon

A massage therapist can get you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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What Clients Are Saying

"Eau De Vie Et Med Spa has exceptional services! They keep my skin looking healthy, and I always get compliments on my, “glow” The Skinny Shot is a must for those stubborn last ten pounds! I highly recommend their Botox and fillers. Facials leave my face exceptionally refreshed. I love that I look natural and not over done! Thank You❤️"

-Rachel Ramirez

"You guys are the best!! Very professional and. excellent customer service. Highly recommended!!!!"

-Isela Garcia

"The spa was clean and had a very comfortable atmosphere. Renee did my facial, it was super relaxing, she offered a robe to wear during the facial. It was all perfect. The rest of the staff was very professional and helped me pick out product that best suits my skin."

-Maribel Jimenez

Skin Care | Eau De Vie Med Spa

Skin Care in Canyon

Specialists at Eau de Vie Med Spa can help you revitilize your skin with the help of dermalogica products.

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