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About Us

There are wonderful reasons to live in a big city in the United States.  A large city offers many comforts.  One comfort that is becoming very popular is a medical spa.  People have come to enjoy the benefits offered at medical spas.  Medical spas offer a variety of aesthetic services to a client.  Some aesthetic services are quick and simple like a facial.  Some aesthetic services are more involved like laser hair removal.  These spa services help the client have the best image possible.  This improved outer image can give a client more self esteem.  It can also help them feel happier. What do you do if you live in a small town or in a more rural area?  You would still want the pampering that can be offered in a medical spa.  The thought of traveling for hours is not relaxing.  That’s where Eau de Vie et Esthetique Medical Spa services can help.  Our relaxing and luxurious spa is located in Canyon, Texas.  Canyon is a sweet, beautiful small town.  It has several areas of interest such as West Texas A&M University and Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.  The city also offers many activities and celebrations throughout the year.  It is a friendly and active community.  It, by no means, would be considered a large city.

Dr. Chad Lewis and Gloria Lewis NP, the owners of Eau de Vie et Esthetique Medical Spa wants people in Canyon, Tx and the surrounding area to have the same luxuries as individuals in the bigger cities.  You can experience those pleasurable services in an elegant and relaxing facility.  They will cater to you and your specific needs. Our staff at Eau de Vie et Esthetique Medical Spa believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and with the help of aesthetics, they can help that image be at its best. They want to guide you in your beauty or body enhancement. Eau de Vie Et Esthetique Medical Spa offers several popular aesthetic services that will spoil you head to toe.  These services range from providing top of the line skin products and simple facials to laser treatment and IV hydration.

Our Vision

Eau de Vie et Esthetique's vision for the future is to continue to provide elegant aesthetic services to those in the Texas Panhandle. They are determined to provide a reasonable price. The true goal is to help bring out the natural beauty and best self of their clients. They want to ensure they meet their client's needs by providing cutting edge aesthetic services. These services are offered by professional and certified staff.

Our Staff


Hi, my name is Jarrett DeVore. I've been a licensed massage therapist for over 2 years and have much experience in relieving people of their pain through trigger point therapy. Being able to help people is a passion. I pride myself on being an aide on your destiny of overall body wellness and I'm not afraid to put in the work to make sure you get back to feeling normal again.  Aside from massage therapy some of my hobbies include playing video games on my PC, recently golfing, and collecting toys and figurines. I hope to see you in our spa soon so we can get started on the process of fixing those aches and pains.


Hi my name is Renne Pedroncelli I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 7 years, I am also certified in microblading, eyelash extensions and phlebotomy. I am studying to be a nurse so helping people with their health as well as their beauty is important to me, I like to help people feel good about themselves. Some of my hobbies outside of work are reading and vintage toy hunting with my husband.