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Hormone Therapy in Canyon

Combat fatigue, headaches, hot flashes and relieve joint pain in men and women.

Hormone Therapy

HRT or hormone replacement therapy can help you balance your progesterone and estrogen levels near or during menopause. This therapy can also be used for other reasons. In the form of testosterone pellets, it has been effective in both men and women to relieve several symptoms, including depression and anxiety.

Testosterone pellets consist of powdered testosterone and stearic acid as a binding agent. When a pellet is inserted in your gluteal area, it provides a dose of Bio-Identical hormones that will enter your bloodstream. Many patients report relief of their symptoms within two to four weeks, but full optimization can take up to six months. Hormone therapy with the use of testosterone pellets includes treatment for these conditions:

Joint Pain
Joint pain and aches begin as you age. Many of these pains are due to your hormone imbalance. Hormone pellet therapy can balance your hormone levels and eliminate inflammation of your joints throughout your body.

Tiredness and Fatigue
Hormone therapy through pellets can optimize your hormone levels, which drop. These pellets will eliminate fatigue and exhaustion. When your hormones are in balance, you will sleep better and feel much more like yourself being refreshed throughout the day.

Regain of Strength
Hormone therapy through testosterone replacement has been shown to enhance a person's sex drive and improve muscle strength. It also improves your mood and bone density.

Headaches and Migraines
Research shows that implanting small testosterone pellets under the skin of people suffering from headaches and migraines has helped relieve symptoms. Continued use of testosterone has also proved to be beneficial in reducing how severe migraines become.

Hysterectomy/Partial Hysterectomy
Women who suffer from diminished physical and sexual functions after a hysterectomy can use hormone therapy to boost their quality of life. Many women suffer from loss of muscle mass after a hysterectomy, and a new study shows testosterone can benefit women going through this experience. A testosterone dose of 25mg has shown to improve sexual functions. It can also improve muscle mass and physical performance in women who had a hysterectomy either with or without the removal of their ovaries.

Menopause Symptoms
Testosterone pellets are proving to be an effective hormone therapy for women going through menopause. Testosterone pellets can be inserted into your buttock or hip area under your skin. They will dissolve into your system to relieve symptoms like hot flashes, low libido, weight gain, dry vagina, or painful sex associated with menopausal.

Stress, irritability, mood changes, depression, and sadness can all be associated with low testosterone levels. Hormone therapy can be the solution to reducing or eliminating these symptoms.

A woman's well-being is linked to their estrogen levels and mood disruptions. These disruptions occur during premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, menopause, and postpartum moods. Keeping the level of estrogen in check is essential to a woman's overall health. Hormone therapy can help to return estrogen to its normal level and improve a woman's moods.

A man's mood changes, irritability, and stress can also be contributed to low testosterone levels. Hormone therapy through testosterone pellets can restore testosterone to its ideal level to reduce a man's symptoms. Emotional health is essential to both men and women and is part of overall well-being. If your hormone levels are not balanced, it will affect you in many ways.

How Testosterone Pellets Affects Hormone Therapy
Testosterone is an essential hormone and can boost your memory, muscle mass, libido, and energy. Men are reported to lose testosterone as they age, and nearly forty percent develop a condition known as hypogonadism. This condition requires they have testosterone replacement therapy.

Hormone therapy can be performed successfully through just the right dose when administered through testosterone pellets. These pellets measure 3mm by 9mm and contain crystalline testosterone, which is implanted under your skin. The pellet will slowly release testosterone into your system over three to six months.

As a long-acting form of hormone therapy, these pellets will give you a stable and steady dose of testosterone to provide you with the needed level of hormones you need for approximately four months.

Benefits of Pellet Testosterone for Hormone Therapy
There are several forms of hormone therapy that you can administer yourself, such as the buccal tablets that go inside your cheek or gels and creams. The downside to these choices is you have to remember to take or apply them daily. For some, remembering to complete this task every day can be challenging.

Injections are another form of hormone therapy, but they can irritate your skin at the injection site. Injections can be done yourself or by your healthcare provider. The downside to the injection form of this hormone therapy is that your levels can begin very high and become very low before you receive the next injection.

The benefits of using testosterone pellets for hormone therapy is the implant only takes about ten minutes. The tiny pellets are placed under your skin through a small incision with an instrument called a trocar. Generally, there are  ten to twelve pellets implanted at one time, which should last in your system for up to three to four months for women, and up to five months in men.