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IV Therapy in Canyon

Great for athletes looking to recover, rehydrate, and balance.

IV Therapy

IV therapy or intravenous therapy is an administration of fluids directly into your veins. This treatment method is normally provided to send fluid solutions into your system for rehydration or to provide your body with nutrition. During an IV therapy treatment, vitamins and minerals are directly administered through a needle into your bloodstream through your veins. Your body is then able to absorb the nutrients you need while avoiding the digestion process. At Eau De Vie et Esthétique Medical Spa, there are several different IV therapies offered.

Rehydrate- IV therapy for rehydrating your body is done mainly for athletes or those high performers who are 'on the go' during their daily routines. This treatment will help you overcome fatigue caused by exercise, your complexion, those suffering from jet lag during travel, and many other causes that run down a person's physical well-being.

Recovery-IV therapy for recovery is ideal for those who work or play for extended hours during their day. It will help relieve exhaustion from exercises, dehydration if you've enjoyed a long night out on the town or are exhausted or jet-lagged from traveling. This treatment will also help if you have a big test or large competition coming up in your schedule.

Balance- IV therapy for balance will help your hormone imbalances and regulate your sleep patterns. This therapy increases your ability to relax as it hydrates your body. The solution contains Magnesium, Vitamin C, Arginine, B6, B12, and B complex.

Performance- IV therapy for your performance is excellent if you indulge in extreme sports or other competitive activities, such as:

  • running
  • football
  • hockey
  • swimming
  • cycling
  • motorsports
  • surfing
  • snowboarding
  • boxing
  • MMA
  • skydiving
  • or other adventurous high-energy sporting activities

This treatment will provide you with Zinc, Glutamine, Magnesium, B12, B complex, and Vitamin C.

Myers- IV therapy for Myers is the Original Cocktail. This treatment is for those always 'on the go.' With Myers IV therapy, you will find relief from stress, fatigue, muscle aches, and difficulty concentrating. This therapy also helps you with balancing your digestion issues and enables you to strengthen your immune system. The treatment will provide you with B complex, B12, Magnesium, and Vitamin C.

Revive- IV therapy helps revive your system and will do more than just relieve minor aches and pains you've developed from exercise. This treatment also relieves symptoms caused by overall exhaustion and strenuous activity. Revive IV therapy will provide you with Glutamine, Glucosamine, Chromium, Taurine, Zinc, B12, B complex, Lysine, Vitamin C, Selenium, and Magnesium.

Clarity-  IV therapy for clarity will help you fuel your focus and keep you alert. This treatment also provides balancing stimulation and will help improve your cognitive clarity as it supports your overall brain health. This treatment will give you Glutathione, Vitamin C, L-cysteine, Magnesium, Taurine, B complex, B12, and Zinc.

Immune Plus- IV therapy for Immune Plus will increase your relaxation as it protects you against free radicals. It will also improve your immune system and much more. This treatment will provide you with Glutathione, B complex, B12, Vitamin C, and Magnesium.

Rejuvenate- IV therapy to help your body rejuvenate will also revitalize your skin. This treatment breathes new life into your cells and contains Glutathione, Vitamin C, Selenium, Magnesium, Proline, B complex, and B12.

Skinny- Skinny IV therapy will reduce your general exhaustion and hunger as it promotes you losing weight. This treatment will help your body balance the antioxidants and free radicals in your system as it minimizes toxins. Through this treatment you will receive Glutamine, Vitamin C, B12, B complex, and Magnesium.

Traveler- The IV therapy for travelers will increase the oxygen flow in your body caused by general exhaustion. This treatment is excellent for canyoneering, snowboarders, climbers, mountain hikers, and those who enjoy scaling terrain and heights. This therapy will provide your system with Alpha-lipoic acid, Vitamin C, B complex, B12, and Magnesium.

Cleanse- IV therapy for cleanse promotes your healthy liver functions as it minimizes extra toxins and waste found in your body. This treatment will replenish your liver as it balances the vital nutrients you need for your overall health and energy levels. You will receive Selenium, Taurine, Alpha-lipoic acid, A cysteine, and Glutathione.

Jolt- Jolt IV therapy will help those you live a hectic lifestyle. The treatment helps with your mental energy, as well as your cognitive alertness. Jolt IV therapy will also keep you hydrated so you can reach your peak physical performance. Through this treatment, you will receive Taurine, Vitamin C, A cysteine, Magnesium, B complex, and B12.

Libido- Libido IV therapy will improve and support your sex drive, youthful vitality, and energy. The treatment provides you with Carnitine, Vitamin C, Glutamine, B12, Magnesium, and B complex.

Nirvana- The Nirvana IV therapy is perfect if you are under stress, exhausted, or anxious. This treatment helps you relax and restore your mind and body as it will help improve your mood and more. Through this treatment, you will receive Zinc, Vitamin C, Glutamine, Selenium, B complex, B12, Chromium, and Magnesium.

Common Minerals and Vitamins Received Through IV Therapy

Many of the minerals and vitamins received in an IV therapy treatment are used to provide a boost to your body's natural healing and energy levels. Some of those used include:

  • Glutathione- Glutathione is an antioxidant necessary for your enzyme and immune functions as well as your DNA formation, and Vitamins E and C regeneration.
  • Zinc- Zinc helps keep your skin healthy and aids in healing wounds as well as your immune system. The intake of zinc can help reduce illness durations by more than forty percent.
  • Magnesium- Magnesium supports your heart and bone health. This mineral also helps provide migraine relief, lower diabetes risk, helps your body absorb calcium, and reduces anxiety symptoms.
  • Vitamin B Complex- Vitamin B complex will aid in your blood sugar control, energy levels, prevent migraines, and reduce symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. 
  • Vitamin C- Vitamin C is necessary for your body's bone health, skin health, blood vessels, and your immune system's functions.

IV therapy will improve your overall wellness by giving you one-hundred percent of the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Eau De Vie et Esthétique Med Spa offers you these treatments and a variety of other aesthetic services to benefit your total body wellness. We are here to help you bring out your natural beauty and help you feel your physical best through the skilled techniques used by our certified and professional staff.

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