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Massage in Canyon

Receiving a massage can treat a range of symptoms related to several physical and emotional conditions.


Massage in Canyon | Eau De Vie Med Spa

Studies have been conducted on the benefits of receiving a Massage and how they can treat a range of symptoms related to several physical and emotional conditions. This healing tradition is perhaps one of the oldest methods used dating back to the Ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, and Indian's history. These cultures are all convinced of a Massage having therapeutic properties to treat a variety of ailments. Now, at Eau de Vie Medical Spa in Canyon, Tx. we can help you feel relaxed!

The term 'Massage' is used to describe several techniques that vary somewhat in how they are applied through touch, pressure, and how intense the treatment is performed. These are some of the different methods used.

Swedish Massage
One of the most common techniques used in the world of Massage therapy is Swedish. This therapy involves kneading strokes, soft and light strokes, and a rhythmic tapping motion on your topmost layers of muscles. This therapy also is combined with moving your joints to relieve muscle tension. The Swedish treatment will both energize and relax you.

In the Swedish technique, you will gain flexibility, relaxation, and improved circulation of your blood system. This classic therapy is used when you seek support in your long-term health. The Swedish form of treatment is often used in the rehabilitative care of athletes and other individuals.

Deep Tissue Massage
The deep tissue technique is a treatment that addresses a deeper layer of tissue. It is mainly applied to treat your musculoskeletal issues, such as those occurring from sports injuries or strains. This therapy method will reduce acute pain and chronic pain syndrome by using the Swedish technique to reach a lower level of muscle.

The deep tissue technique is helpful if you are chronically tense or have contracted a stiff neck, tightness in your lower back, or suffer from sore shoulders. Patients who have reported benefits from the deep tissue treatment include those suffering from:
High blood pressure

Tennis elbow
Sports injuries
Plantar fasciitis
The deep tissue treatment will help to break up scar tissue that has built up as a result of an injury, as well as reduce your tension in tissue and muscles.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone therapy is a specialty Massage used by therapists to relax your tense muscles and damaged soft tissues in your body. The therapist will use a heated, smooth stone as an extension of their hands. They will often place the heated stones on your body as they Massage other parts.

The heat from a hot stone treatment can be profoundly relaxing as it loosens tight muscles. The stones are typically made of a type of volcanic rock called basalt. This type of rock can retain heat well and continue to provide heat benefits throughout the treatment. While using the stones, your therapist will use the Swedish technique as they Massage in:

Vibration motions
Long strokes
Kneading motions
Circular movements

The benefits of a hot stone Massage include:

Relief from pain in tension in your muscles
Reduce anxiety and stress
Promote your sleep
Relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases
Decrease symptoms caused by cancer
Boost your immunity

What is a CBD Massage?

The newest trend in the spa world is the benefits you can receive from CBD products. Massage creams and oils using CBD are reported to be inherently therapeutic for both your body and mind. The CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent with pain-relieving properties. It will reduce inflammation found in your joints and muscles as the Massage therapist works it into your muscle areas. These are five benefits you can expect to receive through a CBD Massage.

1.Reduction in your muscle stiffness and pain- The agents in CBD will fight the inflammation of your muscles when it activates your cannabinoid receptors' pathways. When the inflammation is reduced or eliminated, your soreness and stiffness will disappear.

2. Enhancement of relaxation- If your body is out of balance or in pain, it will be hard, if not impossible, to relax. With a CBD Massage, your therapist will work directly at the site where your irritated nerve receptors are located. The CBD will desensitize your pain, which will allow you to relax instead of experiencing spasms.

3. Relieve musculoskeletal and joint pain- The CBD Massage will target your joint and musculoskeletal pain as it works as a key system within your body. The agents found in CBD will seek out and target injuries in your tendons, muscles, and joints. Your nerves will respond well when you receive a CBD Massage.

4. Boost your sensory stimulation- When you experience CBD Massage, it will leave you relaxed, yet alert. CBD does not make you feel 'high' or groggy and has been found to positively affect your receptors. These receptors are the ones responsible for controlling your serotonin levels. The receptors will reduce your stress, lower your anxiety, and boost your mood.

5. Moisturize your skin- CBD creams used in Massage therapy contain hemp oil. This oil will soften your skin as it moisturizes, conditions, and protects the skin.

A CBD Massage gives a whole new meaning to the spa world. You will experience total relaxation, which will allow your body to stop feeling pain in your joints and muscles. CBD Massage therapy is the perfect answer for you to calm your body and senses during pain or stress.