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Skin Care Products in Canyon

Calm Water Gel

This water-gel moisturizer creates a weightless barrier against harmful environmental assaults. This skin technology will help hydrate and soften dry and sensitive skin.

Ultracalming Cleanser

This cleanser is pH balanced and made for reactive skin. Improve your skin's protective barrier without leaving residue. Easily rinses or wipes off for sensitive skin.

Special Cleaning Gel

This gel works to cleanse all skin conditions and calm the skin. Made with Quillaja Saponaria to easily rinse away toxins and leave your skin feeling refreshed and cleansed.

Daily Microfoilant

If you want glowing, smoother skin every day, we recommend this exfoliating power. This blend also helps with balancing skin tones. Gentle calming agents make this a daily must have.


For high residue and oily skin we recommend this precleanse before any routine. This blend is made for removing toxins and impurities built up through the day.

Intensive Eye Repair

For dehydrated eye lines we recommend this intensive eye repair cream. It works to refresh the skin around your eyes and leave it smooth. It also protects against daily damage.

Barrier Repair

Help repair your skin’s damaged barrier. This Barrier Repair also works below the skin to reduce inflammation, itchiness and stress. Calm your skin and leave it with the vitamins it needs.

Sebum Clearing Masque

This clay masque will help resolve breakouts and will reduce signs of aging skin. Also helps calm skin irritation from breakouts. This masque will aid in evening skin tone as well.

Skin Hydrating Masque

Hydrate your dry or stressed skin with this blend made to have long lastings hydration even after use. This product can also be used for fine lines and leaving skin smoother.

Redness Relief Essence

This concentration is a lightweight way to reduce redness and skin sensitivity. This product also boosts the skin's barrier allowing it to restore and hydrate skin and fight against redness and dehydration.

Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask

Using this product multiple times a week can clear pores and blackheads. This will also help clean up breakouts and it’s gentle on your skin for multiple uses throughout the week.

Sensitive Skin Rescue

This package helps you calm your skin, as well as hydrate and prevent flare-ups. For people with sensitive skin this package is your all-in-one self care tool. This will also help reduce sensitization triggers.

Intensive Moisture Trio

Many cleansers are harsh on your skin and deplete vital lipids used to keep your skin moisturized. This package is gentle on your skin and helps keep this critical lipids in.