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Body Sculpting in Canyon

Increase your collagen production and flush away fat naturally.

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting | Eau De Vie Med Spa in Canyon

Body sculpting or body contouring is a non-surgical solution for cosmetic purposes to get rid of your excess fatty tissue. This procedure is done by breaking down the fat cells in your body's lymphatic system, so your body's natural flushing mechanisms will flush it away. Many treatments claim that after this type of procedure, the area is less likely to accumulate fat cells for the long term.

Why Our Bodies Need Sculpting
As you age, your body will begin to produce less collagen and accumulate more fat, which it stores. This accumulation of fat and loss of collagen will create sagging, cellulite pockets, and wrinkles. Venus's body sculpting treatments are designed to boost your collagen production through radio frequency technology naturally.
This radio frequency technology allows a Venus treatment to break down your fat cells, and with collagen increased, your wrinkles and fine lines can be diminished. These treatments will also tighten your sagging skin, make your body look slimmer as it smoothes out cellulite, and give your body a sculpted or contoured look. This radio frequency technology has been proven effective and safe for all skin tones.

What You Can Expect From Body Sculpting Experience

Radio frequency body contouring will heat your skin to more than 100 degrees, comfortably and safely, to minimize the look of fatty bulges and cellulite dimples. At the same time, the procedure tightens your skin to improve the contour of the targeted area.
Radio frequency technology alters your network of connective tissues that are holding fat cells in place. It will pull them closer so that cellulite does not bulge out. These bulges are what is well-known as 'rippling' that we associate with cellulite.
RF (radio frequency) will also target your fat cells and cause them to shrink. The effect will provide you a slimming-down in the targeted area. When the RF treatment stimulates your lymphatic system, it will aid in the drainage of unwanted toxins. This drainage will encourage your body to produce collagen and elastin to help reduce the laxity of your skin, strengthen it, and improve the overall physique of your targeted area.

How Long Will It Take To See Results of Body Sculpting?
Immediate results are noticeable after a Venus body sculpting treatment in the tightness of your skin. Most remarkable results will continue to emerge in the days following your procedure. You will begin to see more muscle tone and smoother skin. It generally requires multiple treatments, which will be discussed at your consultation.

Common Areas Treated with Body Sculpting
Unfortunately, thousands of people experience skin laxity. This condition can be caused by weight loss, genetics, and aging. Radio frequency technology allows you to instantly tighten the elastin fibers in your skin, leaving it looking lifted and tighter with just one treatment. Some of the common areas treated with body sculpting include tummy, thighs, hips, butt, arms, and knees. Other benefits from a Venus body sculpting treatment include having elastin stimulated, and collagen production increased to get rid of stretch marks. Stretch marks affect more people than just those who have a child. These marks can become noticeable in a person's body due to weight loss or gain, age, or other health conditions.

How Does the RF Tighten Skin During Body Sculpting?

Radio frequencies or RF produce heat, which will heat the skin's deeper layers. The heat induces new collagen and elastin production as well as encourages cells to turn over. This process helps your skin become thicker, firmer, and more youthful-looking. Radio frequency has an advantage over lasers as it can safely penetrate to a deeper level. This penetration will help improve your skin's structure and tone and can even lift tissues. Lasers generally work best to improve a person's skin surface. The RF treatments can also treat patients with any skin tone without risking permanent discoloration.
Safety Concerns with Body Sculpting
We are all exposed to low levels of radio frequencies every day as part of our regular routines. The use of cell phones, WiFi, and many of our TVs exposes us to RF. The FDA and the WHO (World Health Organization) have classified RF radiation in the same terms as power lines, body powder, and coffee. There has been no conclusive evidence found to show RF exposure increases the risk of skin cancer. The RF used in the Venus, non-surgical treatments is different from that your microwave emits, or your cell phone. The RF in these treatments is highly controlled, and the FDA has cleared all equipment used by practitioners to control and monitor the device. Venus's body sculpting is a convenient, low-risk, and effective method for you to use in reshaping and improving your body. These treatments offer you an FDA cleared technology to get you looking your very best.