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Photorejuvenation in Canyon

Improve damaged skin with a non-invasive skin treatment.


Photorejuvenation | Eau De Vie Med Spa in Canyon

What is Photorejuvenation?
Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive skin treatment that helps your skin look less damaged and more youthful. Photorejuvenation can also be called Photofacial, or IPL.  Photorejuvenation uses lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL), or photodynamic therapy to treat skin conditions and remove effects of photoaging such as textures, spots and wrinkles. The process can deal with brown spots and redness on the face. It can also be used to remove signs of rosacea and sun damage.  People can also have their pores reduced and remove acne spots.  Photorejuvenation was developed in the 1990s.  It has become one of the most popular facial treatments since that time.  This is because of the effects on your skin paired with low downtime.
The procedure lasts about an hour. It gives you excellent results with only minimal discomfort.

Photorejuvenation at Eau de Vie et Esthetique helps speed up the healing process after invasive cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels. The procedure increases blood circulation in the specific area while reducing the amount of inflammation.  Our process at Eau de Vie et Esthetique can also minimize acne breakouts.  This happens by killing acne-causing bacteria that creates the blemishes.  It can also help your face in the healing of acne blemishes once they occur. Photorejuvenation can create an even complexion by reducing hyperpigmentation and skin redness. It can make your skin appear more youthful and brilliant. Photorejuvenation can help to reduce and even eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. This happens by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Who can it help?
Photorejuvenation is recommended for anyone with unwanted skin problems.  This can include simple unwanted spots such as freckles and age spots. This may also include hyperpigmentation due to your skin’s overproduction of melatonin.  You may have some rosacea or abnormal flushing that is caused by blood vessels that are enlarged. You may need to decrease the appearance of  blotchy, gray or brown patches on the face called melasma or chloasma.  Photorejuvination can also be used to help with stretch marks, wrinkles, visible or broken capillaries and spider veins.

What are the benefits?
There have been many proven benefits of Photorejuvenation’s light therapy on the skin. Light energy stimulates the cells as the skin’s tissues take in light. This enhances the cell regeneration using the body's natural process.The laser or IPL device also targets melanin (the skin's brown pigment) and breaks it down to improve and lighten complexion. In the same way, light waves are absorbed by the red blood cells, specifically hemoglobin, which damages the blood vessel walls, making red colorations on the skin less visible.Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are usually recommended with the treatment.  This is because the photorejuvenation targets the deeper skin layers.

How many treatments are needed?
Most clients need 5 treatments about a month apart to attain the best results. Occasionally 3 is enough but you may need 6. With rosacea, you will notice your redness and blood vessels reduce in appearance.  Your facial flushing will be less frequent and appear less intense.  Any brown spots or dark spots that are treated may appear  slightly darker and then disappear.  Your red vessels get lighter and smaller and can totally disappear. The texture of your skin will get smoother as new collagen builds up.  Your pores tend to appear smaller as well.
What equipment is used?Eau de Vie et Esthetiques uses the VenusVersa system and their highly qualified staff have the training and skills needed to help you look your best.   What area can I get treated?
The most popular areas our clients receive treatment at Eau de Vie et Esthetiques are the face and neck.  We also can treat other areas such as chest, hands, arms, legs, and your back.