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Skin Tightening in Canyon

Keep you skin firm, hydrated, and elastic with Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening | Eau De Vie Med Spa in Canyon

There are numerous reasons for a person's skin to become saggy or loose. External and internal factors can affect your key molecules, which keep skin firm, hydrated, and elastic. Skin changes occur around the age of 35, and people begin to notice laxity in their skin. This change is often caused by the loss of collagen networks, hyaluronic acid, and elastin fibers or otherwise known as the molecule responsible for keeping your skin moisturized. Other causes for your skin to become loose or saggy include:

• Significant weight loss
• Pregnancy which can loosen your skin by stretching molecules or changing the structure of your skin
• UV light damage
• Menopause
• Medications such as corticosteroids or steroids
• Alcohol
• Smoking

Though your body changes or daily habits can have an effect on your skin, there are measures you can take to tighten your skin without the risk of surgery. There is an increasing demand for skin tightening treatments that are cosmetic and non-invasive that are able to make your skin look younger.

What Are Non-Invasive Treatments for Skin Tightening?
If you are experiencing a loss of skin tone, or saggy skin, and are concerned about undergoing cosmetic surgery, you need to learn about Venus Freeze. This treatment is your solution for a painless, effective alternative to surgery. The Venus Freeze technology combines Pulsed Magnetic Fields and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency to provide you with safe anti-aging treatments. One amazing benefit of these treatments is that you will experience no downtime after the procedure.

What to Expect From Venus Freeze Skin Tightening
The Venus Freeze skin tightening treatments are non-surgical. These treatments are able to smooth your wrinkles and fine lines as well as tighten your skin. Your skin will look healthy with the instant glow given through its powerful cell stimulation process. The Venus Freeze treatment gives you a relaxing experience and is not associated with any after-effects such as skin irritations or rashes. It uses a combination of pulsed magnetic fields and radio frequencies to stimulate your collagen within the subcutaneous fat and dermis. With the use of the tiny electrical signals, your fibroblasts are stimulated, and cells are repaired. The fibroblasts are what is responsible for producing elastins and collagen. When these are stimulated, it will speed up your skin's rejuvenation activity. Common areas treated with Venus Freeze technology include:

• Abdomen
• Cheeks
• Jowls
• Neck
• Arms

These treatments can effectively treat any area on your body where you want skin tightened. Through the process, the radio frequencies will cause a thermal response in your tissue. With the thermal response, your body's natural healing response activates, and new collagen and elastin fibers are formed. This process also increases fibroblasts production, and the existing collagen in your skin will contract to give it a firmer feel and look.

Is This Skin Tightening Procedure Safe?
Magnetic pulses and radiofrequency have been used in medicine for decades, and are proven to be safe and effective technologies. The Venus Freeze method for tightening skin is a licensed healthcare technology as a non-invasive treatment for skin tightening and reduction of wrinkles for your neck and face.

How Long Does it Take for a Skin Tightening Treatment?
The Venus Freeze skin tightening treatment typically lasts forty minutes for areas other than your face. Facial treatments are a bit shorter at thirty minutes. These treatments are often completed during a patient's lunch break, as they are ready to return to work as soon as the procedure is completed. The number of treatments you will need depends on the area you are treating. Facial treatments are typically done in a series of six visits. If you are having your neck or other areas of your body treated, you should expect six to eight visits.

How Long Will Results Last with this Skin Tightening Technique?
You should notice a result after your first treatment, and the long term results will be evident after the six to eight visits. You may also see improvements in your skin for up to three months following the procedure. There are some maintenance techniques you will want to follow after treatments to maintain quality appearance in your skin. Your technician will discuss your personal or individual requirements for maintenance at the time of your treatments. If you are looking for ways to improve your appearance or have the desire to age gracefully, this procedure is your solution.